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Laminate Flooring Polish - Glass Floor Tiles.

Laminate Flooring Polish

laminate flooring polish

    laminate flooring
  • Laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product, fused together with a lamination process. Laminate flooring simulates wood (or stone, in some cases) with a photographic applique layer under a clear protective layer.

  • Relatively new to North America, laminates have a dense fiberboard core with a paper pattern layer sealed under high pressure both top and bottom with a plastic-like substance. Sold as planks and panels in wood, stone, tile and other looks.

  • hard surface flooring with a fibreboard core and melamine wear layer - available in blocks, planks, and squares.

  • make (a surface) shine; "shine the silver, please"; "polish my shoes"

  • the property of being smooth and shiny

  • A substance used to give something a smooth and shiny surface when rubbed in

  • An act of rubbing something to give it a shiny surface

  • Smoothness or glossiness produced by rubbing or friction

  • of or relating to Poland or its people or culture; "Polish sausage"

Beechcraft Baron Jeff Hegle Collection

Beechcraft Baron Jeff Hegle Collection

Beechcraft D55 Baron. Scale: 3/8" = 1' (1/32 Size)
Model is based on a 3-view thumbnail sketch appearing in an old Janes Aircraft Recognition book. Fuselage made from laminated aspen ("Mastercraft Solid Aspen select grade" sold in shrink-wrapped planks at home improvemnent centers). Nacelles and spinners are from basswood. Tail parts cut from basswood sheet. Wings are mystery wood from an old dresser. Propellers, antennas, wheels and wheel well doors are from styrene. Landing gear struts are from brazing rod with details from styrene bits.
Metallic effect on spinners obtained by first painting gloss white, then polishing with SnJ aluminum powder followed by clear gloss laquer and then additional polishing. Model was sealed using polyureathane varnish then primed with rattle-can spray primer and wet sanded smooth. Imperfections were filled using Bondo automotive glazing putty and additional coats of primer. Panel lines made using a wood burner after the model was primed. Model was airbrushed using enamel paints. White pin stripes are "Pactra Trim Tape" from a hobby shop-- the tape was first applied to a piece of glass, then strips were cut using a straight edge and fresh razor blade and transferred to the model. Tape and decals were sealed by applying Pledge Future floor polish to the model using a 5/8" brush, the model was then sprayed with "Deft" rattle can clear semi-gloss laquer.

Disaster averted...18/365

Disaster averted...18/365

I, almost never, paint my nails. And even less often paint my toenails. I wanted to feel like spring was really on the way. So I did. Tonight. Finished one toe and was on to the next toe and fumbled.the.bottle!! The squatty, OPI bottle went tumbling through the air in, what seemed like, slow motion. Nail polish splattering all over the laminate flooring. I screamed (and scared the heck out of our cat) and ran to get the roll of paper towels. I got most of it up, with my daughter's quick help. There were still some light spots, though, that I thought I was going to have to live with, but I got the kitchen scrubby and got every bit of it off without ruining the flooring. So, this will the the last time for a long, long while. ;)

P.S. It's actually a pretty color (not black).

laminate flooring polish

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